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Even under the intense exposure that comes with being world champion, no opponent was ever able to solve the riddle of Monzón. By using the services offered on this site you are helping us provide free travel information at no extra cost to you. The fight took place in Benvenuti's home country of Italy. Like so many athletes who emerged from tough, violent backgrounds, Carlos Monzón did not have the capacity to fully submit himself to the comfortable life of fame and fortune which he had earned. In 1975, he began a very publicized romance with Susana Giménez; they had previously met in the 1974 thriller La Mary, directed by Daniel Tinayre, where the two played husband and wife. Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990, he was chosen by The Ring magazine in 2002 as the 11th greatest fighter of the last 80 years[7] and voted him as the best middleweight title holders of the last 50 years in 2011. On November 7, 1970 at Palazzetto dello Sport in Rome, Italy, longtime middleweight champion Nino Benvenuti, from Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, defended his WBC/WBA titles against Carlos Monzon from San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina. • Moving to Argentina to work or study? I made them cry with just one crazy fist. [14], A monument to him stands in Santa Fe, Argentina.[15]. In 1971, Monzón became only the second man to stop former three-time world champion Emile Griffith in 14 rounds, and later out-pointed him over 15 in a close fight (before the fight Monzón had to spar three rounds and run three miles in order to make the weight). [20], One of the last photos of Monzón, working as young boxers coach in Santa Fe, 1993, Stade Louis II, Fontvieille, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Nouvelle Hippodrome, Paris, Île-de-France, France, Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina, Palazzetto dello Sport, Rome, Lazio, Italy, Retained Argentina (FAB) middleweight title, Retained South American middleweight title, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina, Recreativo Bochas Club, Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina, Cordoba Sport Club, Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina. Folk singer Leon Gieco’s tribute, Puño Loco (Crazy Fist) achingly remembers the boxer and his profound effect on the Argentine people despite the darker aspects of his personality. In 1967, he won the South American middleweight title. Carlos Monzon toured Europe, fighting against ranked Europeans, defending his title dominantly with that accurate right hand of his, and picking up the $100,000 paydays with the other. Since then, his glamorous and sometimes violent life was avidly followed by the media. On the independent computer-based ranking of, he is listed as the second best middleweight boxer of all time after Sugar Ray Robinson. It was Monzon's first fight outside of South America. Like many fight experts, he was not initially blown away by the Santa Fe pugilist’s aura. He was shot twice by his first wife in 1973 but recovered to continue his career. “He was a very polite guy, but he didn’t talk much,” says Irusta. Also killed were his two passengers, a female and a prison guard. Brusa, his trainer and fellow inductee into the Hall of Fame, recalled with amusement this typical reaction to his charger in an interview with Gente magazine. By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer Nino Benvenuti may be considered among the best amateur boxers of all time 다운로드. He died at the age of 52 after crashing his car returning to prison after a day’s furlough. “When Carlitos made the movie ‘El Macho‘, women went crazy. Monzón was raised in poverty with his twelve siblings. Once again the relationship would turn out to be a tumultuous one, but this time it ended in tragedy. During Monzón's fights, Argentina would stand still, cities had no traffic, and all TV sets and radios were tuned to the fight. Add to this the granite toughness of his frame and a deceptively destructive punch from both close range and distance, and Monzón’s opponents must have felt they were scrapping with a hellacious beast scrambled out of some unfathomable Pampas backwater. He dropped out of school in the third grade and immediately started working to support his kin. It took place in Monte Carlo. After the breakup, Monzón's private life was fairly low key. Valdez, a Colombian, won the WBC's title, while Monzón kept the WBA's championship. He destroys you little by little,’” said Brusa. The Argentine public at the time were drawn to more charismatic fighters, including Benvenuti himself, a suave boxer-cum-movie star whose face could be seen on giant billboards around Buenos Aires, recalls Irusta. Monzón ruled the middleweight division with magnificent impunity before showing the astuteness to declare his retirement on July 30, 1977 after a tough victory against Rodrigo Valdez in Monte Carlo. His only three … In 2003, he was named by the Ring Magazine as one of the 100 greatest punchers of all time. franceinfo. His only losses were by points and early in his career. … He had a great professional career too. Monzón retired after the second Valdez fight defense. Charged with killing his wife Alicia Muñiz in Mar del Plata in 1988, the former champion was sentenced to 11 years in jail. I made the heavens fall, I stopped the winds. Argentina was both scandalized and enthralled when the middleweight champion began an affair with the country’s most famous actress, Susana Giménez after the two of them had starred in the movie, ‘La Mary’ together in 1974. Champion Monzon was virtually unknown when he came to Rome in November 1970 to challenge Nino Benvenuti for the world title. Carlos Monzon, (born Aug. 7, 1942, Santa Fe, Arg.—died Jan. 8, 1995, Santa Rosa de Calchines), Argentine professional boxer, world middleweight (160 pounds) champion from 1970 to 1977.. Monzon began his professional boxing career in Argentina in 1963. He didn’t give you the impression that he would go on to reach the heights that he did.”. Monzon died in an early morning car accident, when the car he was driving (he was returning to prison after "leaving" for a "short" visit) crashed. At that stage Monzón was just another boxer. Nino lost the title to Griffith on Sept 17,1967, by a unanimous decision. Carlos Monzon was a complex and difficult man to understand. However, he did have incredible respect and fondness for the aforementioned Briscoe. [1] He successfully defended his title 14 times[2][3][4] against 11 different fighters[5][6] and is widely regarded as not only one of the best middleweights in history but also one of the greatest boxers of all time pound-for-pound. [10][19], Even in death, Monzón drew a crowd. The brilliant Benvenuti was made to look obsolete. In 1988, while vacationing in the resort city of Mar del Plata, after a heated argument, he beat Muñiz. Nino Benvenuti (Born 26th Apr 1938) is a former professional boxer from Italy with a record of 82 Wins, 7 Losses, 1 Draw. On November 7, 1970, Monzon fought Nino Benvenuti for the World Middleweight Championship. Monzón handed Valdez a beating, winning a 15-round unanimous decision and unifying the world title once again. He had lost the year before to American Tom Bethea in Australia, but in an actual title fight in Yugoslavia, he avenged that loss. Most importantly, he was taken under the wing of fight promoter Juan Carlos ‘Tito’ Lectura, patron of Buenos Aires’ boxing coliseum, Luna Park. Monzon, whose boxing career ranged from 1963 to 1977, was a hard-hitting fighter who compiled a career record of 90-3-8 with 61 KOs. Benvenuti would get a rematch the following year in Monte Carlo but this time he only lasted three rounds. The trajectory of Monzon’s uppercut was the same as a commonly throw straight punch, whereas conventional uppercuts travel in much more of an upwards angle. When reviewing the fighters they both faced, it's difficult to determine who faced the better opposition. The world title bout was broadcast on a Saturday afternoon in Argentina. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for murder. Monzón had his first amateur fight on 2 October 1959. 1:21. Monzón turned pro in 1963 at the age of 20, winning his first fight with a second round knockout. 0:59 . As a youngster, he showed an interest in boxing. Monzón's middleweight championship title was lifted in 1975 by the WBC for not defending it against mandatory challenger Rodrigo Valdez. Still, the fight went on, as they were both under contract. In the boxing world he is widely regarded to be in the top three middleweights of all time. Monzon successfully defended his title against Hall of Famers Benvenuti, Griffith, Jose Napoles, and Valdez – who should arguably be one. Once again, nobody thought he had much of a chance of victory. When I went to his funeral in Santa Fe, people sang, ‘dale campeón’ (Go champion).”, “For the people of Santa Fe, he isn’t a murderer,” says Irusta. After this success, Argentine boxing promoter Juan Carlos Lectoure pushed him into the international boxing scene by organizing fights with foreign boxers such as Douglas Huntley, Charles Austin, Johnny Brooks, Harold Richardson, Tommy Bethea, Bennie Briscoe (a ten-round tie) Manoel Severino and Eddy Pace. Boxiana 3 April 23, 1977: Zarate vs Zamora . “There were others who, on the sporting side, saw him as a great champion, and as someone who looked after his family and cared about them. He retired from the ring that night, never to return. He was accused of domestic violence and of beating paparazzi. — Carlos Monzon on Nino Benvenuti The Romans didn’t know Carlos Monzon. Monzón, however, mounted a brilliant comeback and outboxed Valdez for the last 8 rounds, winning a unanimous decision to retain the title and score his 14th title defense. Why Monzon was allowed to drive is a mystery, or why he was "allowed" to leave prison was yet another. In the second round, right cross to the chin put Monzón down for the first and only time in his career. But before all that, above all that, there was Monzon the boxer. He ended his career with a professional record of 100 fights, 87 wins, 10 draws and only the three losses early in his career. “All eyes were on Benvenuti. The other passenger, Monzón's sister-in-law Alicia Guadalupe Fessia, was injured. Numerous contemporaries would echo Carlos Irusta’s sentiments on first catching sight of Monzón in the ring — a sound boxer but nothing extraordinary. In 1977, boxing’s two best bantamweights were both tremendous punchers, both undefeated, both champions, and both Mexican. Thousands sang "Dale campeón" ("Go Champ") during his funeral. “After he won his ninth title defense, Mantequilla [Jose Napoles]’s trainer, Angelo Dundee – who has been in the corner for Mohammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, no less – said to me, ‘Brusita, how practical this guy is! Always known for his overhand right, following Monzón's victory over Mantequilla Nápoles, Angelo Dundee said: "Monzón is the complete fighter. "[13], Before retirement, in 1974, he starred in La Mary, a hit movie directed by Daniel Tinayre. Monzón hated paparazzi who detailed his affairs. Valdez's brother had been shot to death one week prior to the fight and he did not feel like fighting. The second fight was different. “The next day everyone was talking about Monzón. A dark, ugly night, rolling over and over, out of his mind. He toiled through a range of odd jobs such as newspaper delivery boy and milkman but later he found he could also make a little money from his new hobby of boxing. Though officially the pair had separated, they were together in a beachside Mar del Plata condo in the early hours of the morning on February 14, 1988. He would defend his title 14 times without loss, a feat never matched before or since in the middleweight division. It was a match everyone knew could ... On April 23, 2020 / By … He was a tough guy, for real, a guy from the streets,” Tyson told sports daily Olé. He was born in the desolate town of San Javier in the Santa Fe province on August 7, 1942 where he lived in a humble home with his parents, who were of indigenous Mocoví ancestry, and four siblings. A year after splitting with Giménez, Monzón met Alicia Muñíz, the woman who would become his second wife and mother to his child, Maximiliano. In 1989 he was found guilty of homicide. There were a lot of us, and nobody except for Brusa, Lectura and one veteran journalist, Simón Bronenberg believed in Monzón.”. They were so poor that they did not have enough money to buy the marriage license. • sitemap Monzon who threw one off a balcony, killed her. Carlos Monzon looks on after a … “He didn’t talk much. It was nasty that night in 1970 and Monzon had death in his heart after Benvenuti pinched his bottom at the weigh-in. In 1979, he met Uruguayan model Alicia Muñiz, with whom he had an on-and-off relationship for many years. He served brief stints in prison for inciting a football riot and brawling. While many boxing champions from the U.S. or Europe come from tough inner-city neighborhoods, most of Argentina’s finest fighters punch their way out of the grim frontier provinces to make their way to the bright lights of Buenos Aires in the hope of earning fame and fortune. • All Rights Reserved • Wander Argentina The ring belonged to him,” he said. The exemplar of calculated aggression in the boxing ring, Carlos Monzón was at times a blazing, uncontrollable menace out of it. Aside from Benvenuti he would clean up future Hall of Famers Emile Griffith and José Nápoles, as well as every other highly rated contender of his era. World middleweight champion Nino Benvenuti had long had a distinguished career that included championships in 2 divisions and 2 wins in 3 bouts vs all-time great Emile Griffith. Monzón then scored a win over tough Philadelphian Bennie Briscoe in their rematch, over-coming a shakey 9th round, in which Briscoe almost scored a knockout; a knockout in five rounds over European champion Tom Bogs, a knockout in seven rounds over Cuban-Mexican José Mantequilla Nápoles in Paris, France and a 10-round knockout of tough Tony Licata of New Orleans at the Madison Square Garden, in what would turn out to be Monzón's only fight in the United States. Monzon won the crown on Nov. 7, 1970, in a 12th-round knockout of Nino Benvenuti in Rome and had a record 14 title defenses before retiring in 1977. He opened a posh restaurant and had a … See also: Nino Benvenuti vs. Carlos Monzon (1st meeting) After retirement, he participated as an actor in a couple of Argentine movies, which were not very successful, and TV shows. To help out his family, he quit school in third grade, working different jobs, such as shoe shiner, paper boy and milk man. I was one more magician, hard as a rock to break. It was a Sunday during summer, when there is not much news happening. On 20 January 1961, Benvenuti made his professional boxing debut, beating Ben Ali Allala … This first fight ended in a draw. In his early days as an amateur fighter he often found himself in trouble with the law. • Copyright © 2021 Monzón also beat Benvenuti in a rematch, this time in only three rounds in Monte Carlo when Benvenuti's seconds threw in the towel. → Read about the Early Start of Argentina’s Beloved Footballer, Lionel Messi, → Read about The ‘Big Five’ and all the top football teams of Argentina, Filed Under: People Tagged With: boxing, Buenos Aires, champion, history, sport, • Get Focused with Argentina’s Favorite Healthy Drink: Yerba Mate, • Diego Maradona: The Life Scandals of the Soccer Star, • Diego Maradona: Life After Soccer & Death at 60, • Argentina Meat Ordering Guide & Common Cuts, • Argentine Desserts: Medialunas, Alfajores & More, • City of Books: The Ten Best Novels Set in Buenos Aires, • La Poesía: San Telmo’s Literary Cafe, • Guide to Ordering Coffee in Argentina, • The Colón Theater: Buenos Aires’ Magnificent Italian-Style Opera House, • Common Buenos Aires Scams & How to Avoid Them, • How to Get to Tigre from Buenos Aires, • Crazy Fist: The Tragic Life of Carlos Monzón, • Diego Maradona: ‘Hand of God’ & the Goal of the Century, • Getting it On:  All About Argentina’s Sex Hotels, • El Ateneo Gran Splendid: South America’s Most Beautiful Bookstore, • Getting Flights to and Around Argentina, • Gauchito Gil: Argentina’s Cowboy Saint, • Gran Bar Danzón: James Bond-Style Bar, • Plaza de Mayo: Argentina’s Most Famous Square, • La Boca: Buenos Aires’ Most Iconic Barrio, • Ride-sharing Apps in Argentina: Uber & More, • The European Cousins: Italians in Argentina, • Money Exchange and Hustles on Florida Street, • MALBA: Modern Masters Showcased in Buenos Aires. And he understood.”. Robinson’s fight plan was a fairly simple, time-tested one in this fight. Known for his speed, punching power and relentless work rate, Monzon ended his career with a record of 87-3-9 with 59 knockouts, each one of his losses were early in his career and were avenged. • contact us Despite his weak first impression, Monzón’s professional reputation grew on the back of some fine victories in Lectura’s arena which were broadcast on national television. He surprised almost everybody by beating the highly regarded Jorge Fernandez to become champion of Argentina on 13 September, 1966. Round 1. Forensic evidence showed that the ex-boxer had also strangled her before her fall. Yet Monzón applied pressure from the start, and in the 12th, a right hand landed perfectly on Benvenuti's chin, and the title changed hands. Upon seeing his tattered face in the mirror after the bout, Monzón knew it was time to walk away from the sport. His punches failed to land while Monzón was precise, flawless. Nino Benvenuti (Born 26th Apr 1938) is a former professional boxer from Italy with a record of 82 Wins, 7 Losses, 1 Draw . Nobody expected Monzón to beat Benvenuti in their title match (very few knew of him). He had an extraordinary coldness,” he said. In 1973, Monzón was shot in the leg by his wife,[16] requiring seven hours of surgery to remove the bullet. Boxe : Jean-Claude Bouttier, la disparition d'un combattant de légende. Monzon beat … I made the whole world talk, their hearts beat. Benvenuti lost to Monzon again in a rematch in Monaco on May 8, 1971, via third round KO. “Aside from those horrendous events, he is Monzón, the world champion.”. • Log in, The Best Argentine Movies and TV Shows to Stream Online, Porteño Corner: Javier Porta Fouz, Director of BAFICI, Yerba Mate: A Guide to Argentina’s Popular Pick-Me-Up Tea, The Enigma of the Ordinary but Invincible Boxer, Early Start of Argentina’s Beloved Footballer, Lionel Messi, The ‘Big Five’ and all the top football teams of Argentina, Get Focused with Argentina’s Favorite Healthy Drink: Yerba Mate, Diego Maradona: The Life Scandals of the Soccer Star, Diego Maradona: Life After Soccer & Death at 60, Argentina Meat Ordering Guide & Common Cuts, Argentine Desserts: Medialunas, Alfajores & More, City of Books: The Ten Best Novels Set in Buenos Aires, The Colón Theater: Buenos Aires’ Magnificent Italian-Style Opera House, Common Buenos Aires Scams & How to Avoid Them, Crazy Fist: The Tragic Life of Carlos Monzón, Diego Maradona: ‘Hand of God’ & the Goal of the Century, Getting it On:  All About Argentina’s Sex Hotels, El Ateneo Gran Splendid: South America’s Most Beautiful Bookstore, Plaza de Mayo: Argentina’s Most Famous Square, La Boca: Buenos Aires’ Most Iconic Barrio, Ride-sharing Apps in Argentina: Uber & More, The European Cousins: Italians in Argentina, Money Exchange and Hustles on Florida Street, MALBA: Modern Masters Showcased in Buenos Aires, Bariloche: The Ultimate Guide to ‘Argentina’s Switzerland’. “It was a more romantic time,” remembers Irusta. Everyone was talking about how Monzón had killed Alicia. But his violent behavior continued. Thank you kindly! 0:53. He was, however, accused many times of domestic violence by his two wives and many mistresses, and of beating paparazzi. Even though Monzon enjoyed a three-inch reach advantage, it was Sugar Ray who had the better ability to deliver a punch on target, and he could beat any man in the world to the punch on his best night. “The actress Ursula Andress came from Los Angeles to look for him,” Brusa said, “I told him to forget about girls while he was in the ring. Valdez built a lead through the first part of the fight.

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